How to Create Your Personal Branding Strategy

using the Personal Branding Canvas, the one-page method for developing your Personal Brand.

If you’re sick of reading articles about Personal Branding that does not explain how it’s done, then this is for you.

The Personal Branding Canvas will help you understand your Personal Brand and how to improve it, even if you don’t have advanced Marketing or Business Strategy skills. The easy to use and practical visual framework helps you understand why you are special and how to let others know it.

The Canvas is much more than a great visual shorthand for simplifying the understanding of the Personal Branding process. It is a design framework that enables the lean approach of doing, testing, learning and pivoting as quickly as possible. 


  • Easily identify or reinvent your Personal Brand.

  • Canvas can help you build stronger relationships with your clients.

  • Build greater awareness of your value.

  • No expensive research and data needed.

  • Quickly clarify client goals.

  • Greater focus on the value you add.

  • Co-create strategy with your clients. 

  • It's FREE 😁

Download your Personal Branding Canvas Here

Getting Started


Print out your canvas in A1 format (minimum). You could also choose A2, but A1 is perfect. Hang the Canvas on a wall with masking tape – any white painted wall in your house will do!
Then work on it with Post.It® notes (eg 38 mm x 50 mm or 51 mm x 51 mm) using a marker or felt tip pens: children’s markers work well!


The ideal sequence for assessing the current state of your Brand is as follows:


(who do you want to influence?)

1. Audience



(who are you and what do you promise?)

2. Skills

3. Identity

4.Reasons to Believe

5. Profession and arena

6. Promise



(how are you different and how do you let them know about you?)

7.  Positioning

8.  Communication

9. Competitors



(how efficient are you?)

10.   Results

11.  Investments

Tana Storani

Founder of Storani Careers, Personal Brander, International Career Strategist, and Linkedin Expert, Tana Storani has been living in Dublin, Ireland since 2008, and is a pioneer in mentoring and guiding clients in cultivating their own powerful brands, both in and out of the office or university, to become seen as the leaders in their industry. Her main objective is to combine her extensive experience working as a recruiter for several well-known multinationals (Linkedin, HP) and as an Entrepreneur, managing her own business, to boost professionals and companies to achieve maximum results in their careers and businesses through personal branding, career coaching, and strategic design thinking methodologies.

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