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Personal and Work Behaviours Personality Test

"KNOW YOUR WORTH. Know the difference between what you are getting and what you deserve"

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Better explain about yourself and your strengths during interviews using the result of your personality test

Better explain about yourself and your strengths during interviews using the result of your personality test

Developed from extensive research with major UK organisations, the Personal & Work Behaviours Personality Test provides a focussed assessment of nine personality traits of central importance in customer facing roles. The questionnaire is written in a straight forward and direct style that is accessible to people of a wide range of abilities.

Providing a detailed assessment of interpersonal style, thinking style and patterns of coping with stress, the personality dimensions measured by the Personal & Work Behaviours Personality Test have been selected for their occupational relevance. These characteristics are crucial in determining productive and counter-productive behaviour in the organisation (Helping answering interview questions).

  • Quick to administer yet providing a detailed personality assessment, thePersonal & Work Behaviours Personality Test is the ideal tool to assess how a person thinks, feels and acts in occupational settings. 
  • Supported by extensive evidence attesting to its reliability, validity and culture fairness.
  • Powerful tool for identifying strengths and development needs. 
  • Powerful tool to answer interview questions 

Click HERE to see the test sample

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