Linkedin eBook #1: 30 behavioral Interview Questions to Identify High-Potential Candidates

Linkedin created this ebook to train recruiters on best-practice interview questions. You will see the top interview questions asked by the recruitment team, understand why recruiters ask behavioral interview questions, and what answers they expect from candidates. It's a real deal of an insight 

Linkedin eBook #2: Guide to screening candidates: 30 Essential Behavioral Interview Questions

Another amazing Linkedin guide to training recruiters on best-practice interview questions. Here you will find more interview questions and the below topics:

  • Why behavioral interview questions matter
  • The 6 essential soft skills to screen for
  • Adaptability questions, Culture fit questions, Collaboration questions,  Leadership questions, Growth potential questions,  Prioritization questions 
  • Outside the box: Creative questions top leaders ask
  • How to get the answers you need
  • Questions you should be ready to answer

Linkedin eBook #3: Storani Careers Behavioral Interview Questions Checklist

Storani Careers outlined 23 behavioral questions that are commonly asked
at job interviews. The questions are grouped into “categories” and we also gave tips and traps to avoid for each category. In this eBook we prepare you to have a “Success Story”
prepared for each category to improve your chances of getting that job offer in
your next interview.

Tana Storani
Career/LinkedIn Strategist & Personal Brander

International career strategist and Linkedin Expert, Tana Storani has been living in Dublin since 2008, the capital of Ireland, and is a pioneer in mentoring and guiding Brazilians and foreigners who wish to land a job in Europe. She has extensive experience as a headhunter and recruiter for several well-known multinationals such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Pfizer and PayPal. She holds an executive education in Psychology from PUC-SP, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology from the Psychology Society of Ireland, HR Management from CIPD Ireland and Personal and Executive Coaching from EMCC: European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Founder of Storani Careers, since 2016, she has helped dozens of Brazilians and foreigners to develop professionally through Personal Branding techniques, job hunting, interview preparation, strategic use of LinkedIn, and curriculum translation.

"Successful people know what guide to listen to"